👋🏾 Hello! I am an independent journalist and content strategist.

I help newsrooms, organizations and thought leaders leverage the power of storytelling.

Storytelling Is My

I know the power of a good story.

I spent more than 10 years as a journalist, writing news articles that won awards, held officials accountable, and in my home state of Mississippi, spurred a change to state law. Then I left the newsroom for graduate school and learned about graphic design, user experience, content strategy, branding, and multimedia storytelling. Now my storytelling toolbox includes more than ink, paper, and even words. I’m a creative risk-taker who nails the human element of a story, whether it’s a journalistic feature, an op-ed, or the strategy for an editorial campaign — and I help my clients do the same.

My Skills and Services

I help news outlets, nonprofit organizations and businesses — as well as other writers — tell stories that move audiences to care, respond to calls to action, and better understand complex concepts.


Everybody needs a good editor. That’s true whether writing energizes you or saps your soul. I collaborate with writers — pros and noobs alike — to help them express themselves and demonstrate thought leadership in ways that are authoritative yet conversational and true to their authentic voice.


Writing was my first love. As a child, I drafted poems and wrote short stories my teachers praised. As an undergraduate and later as a professional journalist, I focused on newswriting. I’ve expanded my portfolio to include things such as scripts, data-driven news reports, social media posts, industry market analysis, and ghostwriting op-eds.


As a graduate student, I had theoretical and practical lessons about user experience, brand management, and content strategy. I was the information architect for a team of students who revamped websites for two nonprofit organizations in Costa Rica. After earning my master’s degree, I leveraged those experience to produce newsletters, marketing emails and journalistic articles for national nonprofit organizations. I also drafted editorial plans and strategises for those organizations as well as a magazine owned by a Fortune 500 company.


I’m a creative risk-taker and an eager learner. I also have a range of skills and experience. For example, I built this website using a WordPress child theme that I modified with custom CSS. I have used HTML and CSS to produce a newsletter for a national nonprofit organization. I’m adept at photography and basic graphic design. I’m happiest when I have creative challenges and I’m acquiring new skills.

My Portfolio

I write. I edit. I also do so much more. This website is an example. I built it using WordPress and a child theme that I modified with custom CSS. The following are some highlights of my work.

Highlighting the Impact of a K-12 Teacher

I leveraged my experience as a daily newspaper reporter to turn around this feature in a few days for Teach For America. I interviewed a teacher one evening. I also recorded the interview in case it would be useful for a multimedia element to the web post — and it was. I collaborated with a colleague who produced a social media video to promote this story.

Centering the People Behind Stats in a Data-Driven Story

I edited this article for The Emancipator. My edits included refocusing the story lead and data analysis to ensure it focused on the most affected demographics and making the piece more converesational.

Interactive Timeline Celebrating Prince

It’s no overstatement to call this a passion project even though I created it for a graduate-level web development class. I spent hours gathering images, video and other content that could be shared under a Creative Commons license. I sketched a loose wireframe before building the page. 

Contact Me

I am available for remote opportunities in editing, writing, content marketing, multimedia storytelling, and more. Contact me for my rates. For a faster response, send me a direct message on Linkedin or email me at bymarquitabrown(at) gmail.com.